City Guide: Inside Austin’s Hidden Gems

City Guide: Inside Austin's Hidden Gems

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Austin, located in the heart of Texas, is a quirky, creative city with a lot of gems. With its global reputation comes crowds, which can sometimes prevent you from finding unique activities that aren’t overcrowded. If you want to skip the tour buses, then explore these hidden spots in Austin. 

Hidden gems in Austin | Jaco Brotha

Hamilton Pool

There is no trip to Texas that is complete without a visit to a local swimming hole. Despite Hamilton Pool getting crowded in the summer months and requiring reservations, it’s still worth visiting in the off-season when the water is cool for swimming and no reservations are needed. You’ll find hiking trails, picnic areas, a waterfall, and a beautiful limestone grotto overhanging the pool. This is a great spot to snag some photos that will leave your friends wondering if they visited the same Austin. 

Find a Hidden Gallery at Castle Hill Graffiti Park 

Another must see location is the Castle Hill Graffiti Park. This 18-acre open air park was once an off the grid park where artists and spectators would coalesce. Now it has been revamped into the HOPE outdoor Gallery. This new iteration sees the park becoming more accessible to visitors and families while still maintaining its underground roots. Like any city, graffiti and street art are a large part of what makes Austin pop. HOPE provides a great spot to see what this city’s culture has to offer.

Experience the Highlife with a Rooftop Party

For those who prefer their gems a little more central to civilization look no further than the Hotel Roofdeck. This private party venue is settled on top of the fourth floor of a boutique hotel in the heart of downtown. The roof offers unobstructed views of downtown Austin as well as any amenities you could need for hosting a business event or just some friends on a quick trip. 

Embrace the Strange at Casa Neverlandia

The whimsical Casa Neverlandia is one of Austin’s most unique homes. Created by an eclectic architect, James Talbot, it draws inspiration from Eastern architects as well as surrealist artists like Dali. The home is open for tours hosted by Talbot himself which is sure to be as equally interesting as the home. Although Talbot is a humble host he would prefer for you to schedule your tour rather than showing up unannounced. 

As you can see, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in Austin! So be sure to drop your things with us first at, and then go explore everything that Austin has to offer!

Carly at Luggage Drop

Marketing Director - Nashville, TN

Carly at Luggage Drop
Carly at Luggage Drop
Marketing Director - Nashville, TN